Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Send your questions to: info@baker2018.net

Q. What is the Grid Location for Baker Island?
A. Grid is AJ10

Q. What is the Band Plan for the operation?
A. See our detailed Band Plan HERE

Q. What will Propagation FROM Baker Island be like?
See our customized Propagation Charts for each band HERE

Q. How do you work KH1?

  1. Make sure you can copy before calling. Do not call us if you can't copy!
  2. Look at the split and find a clear frequency or above the pileup
  3. Call once on a clear frequency...Keep it short so that you can hear us.
  4. Make fast QSOs...we call you, just give signal report!
  5. Do not repeat your call unless we have your call wrong!
  6. We will upload QSOs often to Clublog...do not dupe QSOs, unless you are not in the log.
Q. What are the Antennas? Transceivers? Amplifiers? Logging Software?

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